Fun in the Sun

The hot weather is finally here in Northeast Ohio.  June has arrived and it’s time to begin the summer activities that we have been waiting all winter to enjoy.  It’s not easy waiting on summer to get here.  Winters are long and cold.  You are basically trapped inside the house for about six months.  It can be rather depressing as the winter months loom on and on.  But, those months are behind us and it is now time to get out and enjoy the warm sun and long days.

We are a family that enjoys being outside in the sunshine as much as we can.  With a pool in the back yard, it is never too early to uncover it and jump in.  This past weekend we decided to have a breakfast party with our friends and their children.  The boys and I got up and visited the local Starbucks to get a fresh brew for our breakfast.  When we got home, we lit a campfire so that we could cook breakfast over it.  Eggs, sausage, bacon, and a bowl full of fruit is what filled our plates this lovely June morning.  A meal fit for a king!

After we had our food, we all jumped into the pool to burn off those extra calories that we ingested this morning.  The boys were in their glory showing off their cannon balls and jumps off the diving board.  For only being 2 and 3 years old, they keep up with the older kids really well.  I’m always impressed at how well the 5 children play together.  After about two hours of swimming, it was time to end our morning entertainment.  However, no camp fire ends at our house without roasting marsh mellows and making a good ole fashion s’more.

After the sticky chocolate faces and fingers were wiped off, our buddies were packed up and ready to head home for the day.  A good time was had by everyone and we all agreed that this would have to happen again.  It’s great to have friends who you truly enjoy spending time with.  We are very blessed in having friends in our life who bring much happiness to our family.  It’s going to be another great summer!

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