The Farm

We had the chance to go away for the a few days.  I had a three day weekend, so we decided to drive South for two and a half hours to visit LuLu’s mom and dad.  We make the trip a few times a year and the boys were more than excited.  250+ acres of mountainous land where the boys could ride on four wheelers, play in the creek, have campfires, and basically just get away from the grind of everyday life.

We got there Friday around noon.  The ride went better than expected as the boys decided to sleep for about half of it.  They don’t like to be in their car seats for long periods of time, but they are getting better at traveling longer distances.  The afternoon was filled with non stop action.  They were playing in the mud, riding on the mower with Papa and gathering sticks for the first of many fires.  James was so excited to have a camp fire.  It was all he had been talking about for days.  He wanted to cook a hot dog and a S’more over the fire, so that is what we did.

Saturday started with rain, and some coldness but that didn’t slow us down that much.  The boys were layered with clothes and a rain coat and mud boots.  They made “boats” out of scrap 2×6’s and floated them down the crick that is alongside the house.  We did that for a few hours, running back and forth to the launch area and then to the finish line.  They were soaking wet with cold water, but they did not care.  The rest of the day was filled with more four wheelers and camp fires.

Sunday was the day we were heading home, but we got outside early and played in order to burn off some energy.  When we left for home, we decided to stop at Cabela’s so that the boys could see all of the animals and the mini aquarium.  It is one of their favorite activities to do when we visit Grandma and Papa, so we try to leave some time at the end of our stay to stop and walk around the store for about an hour.

LuLu and I really enjoy getting away for a few days to visit her parents.  It helps us forget everything that goes on at home, and allows us to clear our minds for a few days.  The boys enjoy it too.  They never ask for an electronic device or to watch tv.  It’s pretty cool to see that they don’t need those things to survive.  I enjoy watching the boys play and interact outside on their own.  You can see the innocence in their eyes when they are playing.  It just goes to show that sometimes that most simple things in life are the most important.  We just don’t take time in our everyday lives to step back and admire them.

JJ out

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