Afternoon shift

Okay I’m back.  I can’t believe it has been a week since my last post.  I feel like my world has been turned completely upside down this week.  I love having consistency in life and this week has been anything but that.  I willingly took a new position at work about one month ago.  My previous job was day shift for the last 6 years and now I am working a swing shift.  This week being my first week working afternoon shift.  My schedule this week has been 3p-11p.  It feels like the longest week ever.  Tomorrow is my last day of afternoons for five weeks and I can’t wait to be done with it.

The hardest part for me is my schedule with the boys.  I like my new position, and if it was strictly day shift I would absolutely love it.  It does however give me the opportunity to spend time with them in the mornings now which has been a lot of fun.  They jump on me in bed to wake me up in the morning.  They are almost always smiling brightly as they giggle while they do it.  Then we snuggle for a few minutes while they drink their morning milk and we usually catch an episode of Paw Patrol.

After that we have a nice breakfast and get to hang out most of the day together.  On the positive side, these are new experiences for us.  Usually I was never home until 4p and we only had a few hours together before bedtime.  But I guess that is my biggest issue with my new schedule.  One of my favorite times with the boys is getting them ready for bed at night.  That is when I receive the best hugs and kisses from them.  Man have I missed that this week!  I guess I need to give it some time to see if I can adjust to my new schedule.  I do get to spend more time at home now than I did before because the overtime is less frequent at my new position.

Time will tell I guess.  Hopefully I can get those extra kisses in the morning to make up for what I lose at night.  My boys have got me wrapped around their fingers.  LuLu tells me that all the time and although I do agree, I wouldn’t admit it to her!

JJ gone

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