What is happiness?

So I’m sitting around tonight in front of this computer screen, asking myself a question that seems to have no constant answer…

What is happiness?!?

For some odd reason I like to turn to wikipedia a lot for answers to random questions.  After reading their definition of happiness, I seem to be more confused than ever about what makes us “happy.”  Why is it that in the winter you would be happy if it was summer time, but when summer gets here it’s too hot?  Or you would be happy if you could make more money at work, but when you find a new job that pays great money, your unhappy because you have to put in a lot of hours to make that money?

I have been experiencing situations like this in my life lately.  I have a good job that more than pays for the things that my family needs and it even gives us things we want.  My wife only works two days a week basically to just get out of the house and have some time with adults.  I am very thankful to be able to do this for my family.  Especially because LuLu can raise our boys.

She is the most amazing mother/wife I could ever ask for!

What I believe makes me truly happy is spending time with my family.  Tonight was boys night. Mama was out tonight with her sister.  So I got to hang out with the boys and we had a great time.  We played outside in the sunshine, in the dirt, in the rocks.  Everything is fun to them.  The innocence of children is awesome.  They get so excited about everything.  We took the trash out and you would have thought I took them to Disney World.

We ate supper together and celebrated a great evening with some chocolate ice cream. They played and giggled in the bath tub for probably twenty minutes.  I could have sat in there and listened all night, but my favorite part of the day was coming up next.

Snuggle time while we watch a show and calm down before bed.  James was exhausted tonight.  He didn’t nap today and he fell asleep on my chest before the show was over.  I put Thomas to bed and he could not give me enough hugs and kisses.

I don’t know why happiness has to be so difficult.  It doesn’t need to be.  Today was a really good day.  Today, I was happy!


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