A little history

Just thought I would try to catch you up to speed.

My wife “LuLu” and I have known each other since we were 5 years old.  We went to school together from kindergarten thru graduation.  Something happened when we were juniors in high school….. it was like I had noticed her for the first time.  We had always been in the same classes and somewhat friends, but magic was in the air that year and I knew that I needed to date Ms. LuLu! Long story short, after about a year of bothering her, she finally decided that she would date me.

Life was good!!

Fast forward six more years and we were on an island getting married.  Life couldn’t have been any better.  We were living it up. Building a house, both working hard, good friends and family.  A few years passed and we were starting to watch our sisters having babies and our friends having babies.  We were kind of in that moment where it was like…. now what?

Let’s have a baby!

We had been married four years (together 10), so I guess it was time.  We tried and tried……and tried, until finally it happened.  4 years later, we were pregnant.  Talk about stressful!  A lot of things happen in four years.  We watched 3 of our sisters have multiple children.  Along with several friends and family members.  As happy as we were for them, there was a part of you that just wanted to say “are you kidding me!”

But, when it did happen for us we felt so blessed.  Our first son “James” arrived in August 2012.  Healthy, happy, adorable!  Six months later, we learned that another seed had been planted.  Before we knew what happened, “Thomas” was born.  January 2014.

They are sixteen months apart.  The light of my life.  My two little boys.  Dada could not be any more proud than what I am to raise my little guys.

That is how this all happened, minus a few details.  I look forward to sharing my memories on this blog.

Until then

JJ gone

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